Top Cheap Eats in Central London

Central London is the hub of action in this mega city. Restaurants are known globally for their diverse cuisines and excellent food line the streets of Central London. The skyrocketing living expenses, however, make it next to impossible for those on a budget to indulge in these fine upscale restaurants.

Worry not! For while the upscale places may be out of your budget, the place has plenty pocket-friendly attractions that serve the London magic at a fraction of the cost. So now you can enjoy the rich London food at a fraction of the cost.

Here we have a list of places that will serve you a fine meal under ten pounds. So cheap, you will never believe these exist in Central London.

Baiwei is double level Chinatown restaurant lined with Revolution paintings and Fuchsia Dunlop menu. With an outré assortment of jellied pig’s trotters, chilled and twisted tofu, and chilli-swamped catfish on the menu, the restaurant offers surprises within ten pounds.

Bao offers London’s best buns on Lexington Street. Stuffed with pickled lettuce, peanut powder, and pork belly, at five pounds a pop these are a must try when in London.

Baozi Inn is another Chinatown treasure and a Communist Revolution clad spot. The spicy cucumber salad, Chengdu dan noodles, dumplings and baozi buns are the kung fu kick you’ve been waiting for.

The Berber & Q Shawarma Bar is a Middle-Eastern grill in the Exmouth Market. Pitas filled with lamb shawarma, lamb kofte, smoked cauliflower or brisket and piled with tahini, herbs, and pickles all fall within your budget. Harissa or Yemenite Dynamite hot sauce combined won’t stretch the bill above £8.5.

Bi Bim Bap is a Korean restaurant with IKEA style interiors. Bibimbap is a Korean dish of layered rice, vegetables, and meat topped with fried egg. The place will set you back a mere £7.

Brasserie Zedel is a Parisian brasserie in Piccadilly Circus. The steak hache and carrots rapees are some of the items on their West-end dining menu that warrant indulgence. The place offers two courses for £9.75 and is a must visit for any newcomer to London.

Burifarra is a South American restaurant in Soho that is riding the wave on its eponymous Peruvian ham sandwich. With halal friendly options on the menu, sandwich fillings to watch out for include Salsa Criolla and sweet potato mayo topped roast meats. The house ceviche is also very popular. The sandwiches all cost £7 and are very affordable.

Cafe TPT is another Chinatown favorite with an excellent Cantonese and seafood variety on offer. They serve all day till 1 AM, and most of the mains will cost you less than £9.

Check out these restaurants and many more affordable places when on a budget in Central London. You can ride the pulse of the place without letting the prices dampening your spirits. Let the food quench your adventurous soul and satiate your quest for adventure.